Sunday, 3 August 2014

Everythin's a Jumping n' a Jiving!

John Ruskin once stated that, 'the value of our cities is measured in its squares, its parks and open green spaces'.
So it is with pride and not a little relief that after eighteen months of hard work we have finally been successful in our £5m Heritage Lottery bid for Cassiobury Park; the biggest Heritage Lottery bid given out in recent years. As this means that I can stick around for a few more years I've been celebrating rather a lot. However, now the partying is over and the champagne bottles are empty, I've been busy starting to implement our five year activity plan. Good times indeed! For the eighth consecutive year, Cassiobury Park has also been awarded, Green Flag status (the national standard of excellence for parks and open green spaces).  
One of the first things was to celebrate, the soon to be, reinstatement of our Victorian bandstand, (at present in the town centre) back to its original setting in the park. So this weekend I put on a Jive Swing/Jazz music and dance festival to get people back listening to music and getting involved in activities in readiness for its much anticipated return.
Jive Swing in Cassiobury Park
the audience take part in a spot of interactive dancing.

everybody is up and dancing. That includes me. I abandoned myself to wild, swing jiving- my left foot tapping away every now and then. (well I was busy taking the photos)
Charlies Angels from Jive Swing.

                              some even getting into character

Joseph from Jive Swing encouraging more of the audience to take part in the dancing. 
From Jive to the Blues in the form of a visit to the Jazz Café in Camden  recently to see the wonderful 66yr old Bettye Lavette still banging out those raspy voiced  interpretations of blues and r&b covers.

Bettye Lavette at the Jazz Café in London
The last few months have involved a great deal of music in some way or another.  And in between all this, I was strolling around the streets of London taking photos of various street artists.

    street busker South Bank London

    Nigerian protest : The Strand London

     enjoying the sun in Green Park London

Photography is dominating my life again (not moaning about that!) I'm in the middle of my latest book assignment for my manager who wants 150 photos for a coffee style book on Hyde Park due out next summer. But this time rather than an historic outlook, more on its social content.

The Serpentine Hyde Park London
hungry squirrel Hyde Park London

Hyde Park London
girl with the red painted toenails Hyde Park London
the opportunist -Hyde Park London
Hyde Park London
Serpentine Hyde Park London
Serpentine Café Hyde Park London
drinking fountain Hyde Park London
a chat at the Serpentine café Hyde Park London

feeding time on the Serpentine Hyde Park London

Hyde Park London
Hyde Park London

all the fun of the fair Cassiobury Park

Three lads: Cassiobury Fun Fair

Cassiobury Fun Fair

Cassiobury Fun Fair

Cassiobury Fun Fair 
A new book due out in November written once again by my manager, Paul Rabbitts, in partnership with Watford Museum Manager, Sarah Priestley, in which I've contributed quite a few photos, about Cassiobury and the ancient seat of the Earls of Essex. 
the way down: Whippendell Woods Cassiobury Park
Barn Owl Watford Town Centre Display
Vulture -Bird display  - Watford
Cassiobury heritage: the mill bridge
green travel: canal towpath Cassiobury Park
A visit from my one of my friends from Rugby, one day a few weeks ago
Cathy under the plum trees in Cassiobury Park's orchard during her visit one day last month.
and with more music to see in the coming months, Robert Plant and then some comedy in the form of Noel Fielding of Mighty Bouche fame, has meant a busy few months but its all good fun!
Debbie:   August 2014
(C) Copyright to Deborah Anne Brady


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