Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Learning Teaching

Since passing my CELTA in March, I am now teaching full time at a local language school, BLS English, here in Suffolk. A few weeks in and I'm getting to make the classes and lessons my own, teaching Thai and Spanish teenagers, who are a delight with wonderful personalities.

My Thai students enjoying a lesson task
But it was a baptism of fire as when I started, along with one or two other new teachers, we arrived on the Monday, were handed a few worksheets from a course book and told to go and teach! As terrifying as it was, it couldn't have been a better introduction to teaching. Thinking up an instant lesson plan meant that as a new teacher, I didn't have much armoury to draw on for interesting ways of teaching the lesson. But it's amazing how much you can draw on your course for ideas and weeks into the job, it's getting easier. My days now are spent reading newspapers, magazines and any reading material I can get my hands on; a pair of scissors never far away!

students facinated with an English Bobby
a trip to London with my Thai students
Embankment London   
While I search around for more texts and pictures to cut up for future lessons, I will leave you with a selection of my recent photos, including some general shots taken in the last month.
the students punting on the River Cam in Cambridge

Chasing giant soap bubbles in London Embankment
The London Eye
My Thai students busy in class
sunrise in Suffolk

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