Tuesday, 2 August 2011

A few latest photos

I've downloaded these latest pictures for viewing, while I am resting briefly from cycling and touring.

Two thousand and five.. two thousand and six... oh damn! .. One .. Two... three.....

Leaving Kavala harbour - Greece

Greek woman in Alexandroupolis

Which move next? Backgammon player in Alexandroupolis Greece

The Players in Alexandroupolis Greece

The Backgammon players in Alexandroupolis Greece

Sulyman the Magnificent's Aquaduct in Alexandroupolis Greece

Beech umbrellas in Greece

Buoys in Kavala harbour (Greece)

Rape of the Sabines Sculpture in Florence

Ahh! Young love in Thessoloniki harbour

Fisherman mending nets in Kavala (Greece) harbour

It's so much fun chasing pigeons!

flowers in a Monastery window - Thesoloniki

My Belgium friend and fellow round the world cyclist - Ludo Linden having a beer with me in Kavala Greece.

I'll give you three guesses !

(paintsand pedalsworldbybike.blogspot.com and all photographs are copright of Deborah Anne Brady : all rights reserved. 2011)

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